100% Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Net (ml.) Price (Baht)
100 ml. 99.-
230 ml. 169.-
500 ml. 299.-
1000 ml. 550.-


Good for your healthy skin and hair, enriched Lauric Acid which is a ‘medium chain fatty acid’ which highly useful as an additional to form monolaurin inside the body of human. Lauric Acid is antibacterial characteristics and anti-oxidant. When it apply to your skin softly, it is non-greasy and hypoallergenic. Apply the skin after taking a bath for restoring the moisture, keeping youthful and anti aging result. Remove the cosmetics. Massage for soothing muscles. Keep your good scalp and anti dandruff by leaving in your hair 1-2 hours before shampoo for prevention of Anti-hair loss. There is high lauric acid which is proper to eat for healthy take 3 table spoons per days, use as cooking oil and salad dressing or add in beverage for better taste.