_History Saibua_

Product legend saibua

People in the past utilized local herbs to make cosmetics. They employed folk knowledge to make many kinds of cosmetics in a simple way. Back to the present, herbs become popular employing modern technology which creates many herbal products. The benefits of using herbs are many including being environmental friendly, promoting vocational training, promoting herbs propagation, and attracting foreign tourists.

“Applying folk knowledge and using local plants help Thai farmers, Thai tourism and Thai herbs. It also promotes local employment while preserving local intellectual capital for future generations.”

_Product Saibua_

Product Saibua

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_Awards and Certificate_

Standard and quality certification awards

Top 4 community products (OTOP), year 2004

Top product community (OTOP) 4 stars in 2005

Top 5 community products (OTOP), 2006

Top 5 community products (OTOP), year 2009

Top products (OTOP Select) by the Ministry of Commerce in 2007

Top products (OTOP Select) by the Ministry of Commerce in 2009

Community Product Standards (CMU) by the Ministry of Industry

Thailand Science and Technology Research Institute (TISTR)

3rd Prize, Outstanding Farmers Group By the Agricultural Office of 2007

Outstanding online store management By the Ministry of Industry 2009

Excellent award for non-food and medicinal herbal products in the Eastern Bangkok group By Bangkok, year 2010

News / Activities

Channel 7, The Way of the City, 2009

Moo 5 community is a community in Khan Na Yao district. Bangkok With a population of about one hundred houses A total of five hundred people Set up houses along the east side of Bangchan canal along the line Live together as a kinship society During the economic downturn in Thailand in 1997, Mrs. Kanyalak Biopharman family Or sweet adults Headman in those days (Currently a community president) therefore thinks of creating a job to help children who are unemployed. Have a group of housewives producing shampoo, conditioner…



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PURE Thonburi-Pak Tho, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok

PURE Saphan Khwai, Bangkok

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